Unlock USB modem – Unlock Huawei E1550/E155x Series firmware upgrade(Unlock Idea Netsetter, Vodafone and all E155x Series)

Unlock USB modem – Unlock Huawei E1550/E155x Series firmware upgrade(Unlock Idea Netsetter, Vodafone and all E155x Series)

Guys New E1550/E155x Series are using the ISP(Internet Service Provider) own firmware and not the Huawei original firmware. But even if you Huawei Modem uses old software version means it will ask only unlock code and after entering the unlock code it will work fine as UNLOCKED Huawei Modem so you can use any simcard
This method is only for New E1550/E155x Series only…

What we are going to do is Unlocking Huawei USB modem E11550/E155x by upgrading firmware, that is replacing ISP firmware by Original new version of Huawei firmware.

Firmware is a term often used to denote the fixed, usually rather small, programs and/or data structures that internally control various electronic devices.

Now you understood firmware controls the whole thing

Download all this(Yes all 4)before start:



Downloads contain all tools needed to unlock Huawei USB modem, extra softwares(automatic unlocking/manual), firmware update, E155x update.

Let’s Start…

Firmware flash code (Flash):
1. Double click the E155XUpdate_11.608.13.02.00.B418.exe
2. Enter your 8 digit flash code(enter if the pop-up asked the flash code)
3. Now Upgradation of firmware is done.

Network unlock code (NCK) or unlock code:
1. Remove the SIM card and connect the USB Modem to the PC
2. Run the HUAWEI MODEM Code Write
3. click – Please Select Com Port
4. click detect and slect your modem from list then click accept
5. click Unlock Modem and enter your 8 digit unlock code
6. click ok

Note: Switch Off windows firewall before initializing this process, after the completion of whole process, switch on firewall (Yes after checking another Simcard).

Thanks for reading this guys..
If you found any difficulty please post the problem i am here to solve…
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